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Agrazon – Tech powered Integrated Agtech platform for
complete agriculture value chain, from sowing to post harvest supply chain management

.We provide solutions across sowing intelligence, soil health analytics, agri inputs selection and buying to crop remote monitoring, harvest assessment and post-harvest linkages leveraging cutting edge technologies such as Ground data, Satellite Imagery, Bigdata and ML. Our aim is not only to promote Precision and hi-tech agriculture as mainstream agriculture practices but simplifying and digitising post-harvest supply chains as well.


Total 360-degree crop management tool for all your farming needs

  • Digital farming, Satellite Imagery, Ground data, big data and ML Powered crop remote monitoring

    Solutions across sowing intelligence, soil health analytics , crop remote monitoring and harvest readiness assessment

  • Agri-inputs bulk and retail trade

    Shop for all your crop nutrients and crop protection products from our online store

  • Agri-Optics

    Our agri-optics division caters to consulting services across protected and sustainable agri-practices

Crop Remote Monitoring

We use satellite data and cutting-edge software along with technologies such as bigdata and machine learning to real time monitor your crops to keep you informed of crop health.

  • Real time crop monitor

    Our multispectral high resolution satellite imagery monitors your crop real time enabling you access the health and progress of your crops on the go

  • Bigdata and ML in agriculture

    From sowing intelligence to yield estimates, we use technology to help you plan forward market better

  • Crop Insurance

    Cover the risks caused by erratic weather and natural calamities


Range of all Agri input products ranging from Seeds, bulk nutrients, micro and sub nutrients to crop protection (central stockist for almost all agri-input brands)

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  2. Kokoro
  3. Makoto
  4. Nobiru
  5. Ryusei
  6. Sokusai
  7. Yokozuna
  8. Zakiyama
  9. Zakiyama Plus
    Zakiyama Plus