About Agrazon

Agrazone enterprise agrazon.com is an agritech. company that envisions technology integration with agriculture for re-engineered and better agriculture practices. An integrated digital platform that’ll leverage technologies such as big data analytics and BI for it’s Precision, Sustainable and hitech. agrisolutions advisory and services, Agrazone is equipped with e2e e-marketplace functionalities, Agrazone aims to re-engineer heavily manual and distributors/ retailers/co-operative societies controlled supply chain and distribution channel of agri-inputs, floriculture and landscaping trade and to build holistic ecosystem for farmers helping them increase the quality and profitability of their yields using modernistic technologies

The Team

  1. Preeti Chaudhary

    Founder -

    Global Digital Transformation leader turned rural technology entrepreneur, Preeti comes with rich experience across range of new age technologies. After graduating from one of India’s top technology institute – HBTI K, she worked with global majors such as IBM – HK, BASF, HCL etc . before deciding to pursure her long cherished dream of tech. Entrepreneurship integrating technology in India’s major yet least technology assisted Industry – agriculture .
  2. Rakesh Pradhan

    Principal Consultant -

    An award winning, highly renowned farmer in an around UP west region who heralded the floriculture wave in the region way back in 90s . Mr. Pradhan has numerous successful hi tech greenhouse/ polyhouses to his credit helping 100s of farmers switching from low return conventional crops such as sugarcane , weat etc. to high tech floral farming. Not only he has long and rich experience working with various govt. Organizations such as NHB, NABARD but also strong presence and Network in Ghazipur Trade Centere carrying the bulk trade of all varieties of flowers. Working as CMD – Mandora Floriculture Producers Co. Ltd, Mr. Pradhan comes with strong farmers connect.
  3. Saurabh Malik

    Director -

    An electricc engineer turned progressive farmer, who strongly envisions modernising agriculture practices. Aspiring to foray into large scale high tech and export oriented quality floral farming, Saurabh comes from the family engaged in modern organic farming practices already. He wants to further take the legacy forward.
  4. Dr. Malik

    Guest Advisor -

    Head of horticulture department in one of India’t top agriculture university, SVBP, Mr. Malik has helped thousands of farmers with modern agriculture practices. He has led the wave of floriculture cultivation in UP West of India. Dr. Malik is leading research work in horticulture industry bringing the research to mainstream cultivation thereby bridging the gap of conventional vs. Modern agri practices
  5. Mr. B Pradhan and Vivek Florist

    Guest Advisor's -

    Mr. B. Pradhan is founding member of Ghazipur trade center who not only streamlined floral commerce but also provided farmers with the platform to garner competitive prices for their crops. Networked with almost every major florist pan India , Mr. B Pradhan shares the vision of digitising heavily manual floral commerce. Mr. Vivek (Florist) is one of key florist operating in central Delhi. Having strong experience across urban and retail floral commerce, he is also working toward addressing the distribution and supply challenges prevalent in retail flori commerce. By providing digital platform to florists across the country agrazon aims to provide reliable solution to them.