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.Product Name: RYUSEI
Technical Name: QUIZALOFOP ETHYL 5% EC
Mod of Action: POST EMERGENCE HERBICIDE FOR GRASSY WEEDS. RYUSEI a systemic herbicide of aryloxy phenoxy propionate group.
RYUSEI is recommended on Soyabean, Groundnut, Onion and Black gram for control of grassy weeds.
RYUSEI affected weeds are unable to regenerate.
RYUSEI is applied at 20 to 25 days after sowing and remain effective for longer period of killing all new germinated weeds. RYUSEI after application show the toxic symptoms in weeds within 5-8 days and then completely killed it in 10 to 15 days.
RYUSEI is quickly absorbed by leaves within 1 to 4 hours hence the rain comes after above period does not affect its efficacy.
RYUSEI is the best technical as a post emergent in soybean crop and no resistance is reported against it.
RYUSEI should be used as per the recommended spray volume of 150 to 160 liters per acre the low water volume can develop resistance of weeds

Recommended Crop Recommended Pest / Disease Per Acre Waiting period
Dosage Formulation Dilution in water in ltr.
Soyabean Barnyard grass, Jungle rice ,Love grass, Crab grass etc. 300-400 200-240 95
Cotton Barnyard grass, Jungle rice, viper grass, Crab grass etc. 400 200 94
Groundnut Barnyard grass, viper grass, Crowfoot grass etc. 300-400 200 89
Black gram Goose grass, Crowfoot grass, Crab grass, Love grass, Barnyard grass, viper grass etc. 300-400 200 52
Onion Crab grass, Goose grass, Crowfoot grass, Love gross etc. 300-400 150-180 7

Note: Always use Flood Jet or Flat Fan nozzle for herbicide spray.
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