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Sectin 60 WG is a combination fungicide containing Fenamidone and Mancozeb, thereby giving dual contact and systemic activity against Phycomycetes diseases, late blight of potato and tomato, downy mildew of grapes and vegetables and Pythium spp. It also controls nonphycomycetes leaf spot diseases like Alternaria and Mycosphaerella.

Potato: Sectin spray in potato should be initiated as soon as late blight appears and further give 1-2 more sprays depending upon disease re-invasion.

Grape: In grape, initiate the sprays 2-3 weeks after pruning or as soon as downy mildew symptoms are seen and give 1-2 more sprays at 10-15 days interval depending upon disease severity.

Crop Target Disease
Potato Late blight
Grape Downy mildew
Gherkins(Cucumber) Downy mildew

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